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The International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grids is a scholarly peer-reviewed archival Journal. It publishes experimental, theoretical and applied results in both science and engineering for distributed energy resources in electrical grids. A thorough peer-review of each paper is performed by at least two independent experts for the special topics addressed.

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Paper Submission
Papers and any questions for publication should be sent electronically to the Editorial Office We prefer transmission by e-mail. If you want to send the paper on disk, the preferred storage media are a 3.5-inch disk or a CD-ROM in MS-DOS format. Please send your paper as PDF-file and as Word for Windows™ document. In order to assure a smooth and fast reviewing process and in order to avoid discrepancies in the printouts we need the PDF-Format for data exchange. The Editorial Office does not accept responsibility for damage or loss of papers submitted. Our aim is to provide a decision on publication of articles within one-month period of reception in our editorial office.

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Guide for Authors and Template
Please contact us online or download directly the Guide for Authors and Template:

Guide for Authors incl. Template [294 KB] (Word)
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