Volume 9 Number 4

October - December ISSN 1614-7138

Introducing the Concept of Backup Fault Current Limiter in the Distributed Generation Systems
A. Kazemdehdashti, H. Samet
vol9no401.pdf [12 KB]

A New Fault Ride through Approach for a DFIG Wind Farm Based on SFCL, Series Dynamic Resistor and DC-Chopper Protection
S. Ghani Varzaneh, M. Abedi, H. Rastegar
vol9no402.pdf [31 KB]

The Potential Integration of Electrical Distributed Generation in an Island Power System
K. Mentesidi, M. Aguado
vol9no403.pdf [13 KB]

Power Quality Enhancement in Wind-Grid Interface Based on Dynamic Filter Compensator
A. A. Abdelsalam, A. M. Sharaf, A. A. Eldesouky
vol9no404.pdf [54 KB]

Balancing Renewables by Demand Sid Management: Local and Global Potential of Loads
B. P. Vande Meerssche, G. Van Ham, D. Van Hertem, G. Deconinck
vol9no405.pdf [13 KB]