Volume 9 Number 3

July - September ISSN 1614-7138

Methodology for Architecting Energy Systems in Ultra Low Energy Communities
S. Oggianu, R. Khire, N. Desai, L. Zeidner, A. Raghunathan, R. Huang
vol9no301.pdf [14 KB]

Hybrid Controller for Frequency Regulation of Hydroelectric Power Plants for Standalone Operation
P. Javanbakht, S. Mohagheghi
vol9no302.pdf [84 KB]

Optimal Allocation of Distributed Wind Generation in Distorted Distribution Networks via a Probabilistic-Fuzzy Model
A. Elmitwally
vol9no303.pdf [53 KB]

IED Functionalities Fulfilling Future Smart Grid Requirements
H. Laaksonen
vol9no304.pdf [88 KB]