Volume 9 Number 1

January - March ISSN 1614-7138
Special Issue on Hardware-in-the-loop-Testing

The role of Hardware in the Loop in Validation and Testing
E. de Jong, P. Vaessen, R. de Graaff
vol9no101.pdf [28 KB]

Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of DSP Based Distance Relay of a STATCOM Connected Transmission Line
M. V. Sham, V. K. Panduranga
vol9no102.pdf [73 KB]

An Advanced Platform for Development and Evaluation of Photovoltaic Inverters Using Hardware-in-the-Loop
B. Lundstrom, S. Chakraborty, B. Kramer, D. Terlip. B. Kroposki
vol9no103.pdf [71 KB]

A Development and Validation Environment for Real-Time Controller-Hardware-in-the-Loop Experiments in Smart Grids
F. Andrén, F. Lehfuß, T. Strasser
vol9no104.pdf [30 KB]

Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations for Electrical Generators in LV Grids
G. Lauss, B. Bletterie, C. Mayr, F. Lehfuß, R. Bründlinger
vol9no105.pdf [103 KB]

A Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Facility for Microgrids
P. Kotsampopoulos, A. Kapetanaki, G. Messinis, V. Kleftakis, N. Hatziargyriou
vol9no106.pdf [30 KB]

HIL-Methods Supporting the Development Process from Simulations to Real Environment Testing
R. Brandl, H. Hernandez, D. Geibel
vol9no107.pdf [73 KB]

Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Bed for Integration of Alternative Energy Sources
C. Molitor, X. Wu, A. Helmedag, A. Benigni, A. Monti
vol9no108.pdf [30 KB]

Hardware in the Loop Multi-Objective Optimization of Electromagnetic Actuators
O. Craciun, G. Stengel, C. Reuber
vol9no109.pdf [30 KB]