Volume 6 Number 3

July - September ISSN 1614-7138

Modeling and Analysis of Custom Power Devices in Distribution Network to Improve Power Quality
A. K. Sahoo, T. Thyagarajan
vol6no301.pdf [167 KB]

Value-Based Analysis on Microgrid Reliability and Power Quality
A.K. Basu, S. Chowdhury, S.P. Chowdhury
vol6no302.pdf [187 KB]

DSP Based Active Filter Controller for Customer and Utility Generated Harmonics and Reactive Power Compensation
R.D. Patidar, S.P. Singh
vol6no303.pdf [190 KB]

Soft Computing Feature Extraction Algorithm with Minimum Entropy
R. Rajkamal, P. Vanaja Ranjan
vol6no304.pdf [31 KB]

Modeling and Simulation of Protective Devices for Distributed Generation Applications
M. M. El-Saadawi
vol6no305.pdf [182 KB]