Volume 6 Number 2

April - June ISSN 1614-7138

Voltage Stability Improvement of Wind Farms Using Shunt Facts Devices Based on Dynamic Modeling
V. Salehi, S. Afsharnia, B. Mirafzal
vol6no201_1.pdf [96 KB]

Assessment of Combined Heat and Power System “Premium Power” Applications in California
Z. Norwood, T. Lipman, M. Stadler, C. Marnay
vol6no202.pdf [160 KB]

Genetic Algorithm Based Distributed Generator Placement in Unbalanced Distribution System
G. Vulasala, S. Sirigiri
vol6no203.pdf [33 KB]

Optimal Siting and Sizing of Hybrid Distributed Generation Using Fuzzy-EP
S.G. Bharathi Dasan, R.P. Kumudini Devi
vol6no204.pdf [34 KB]