Volume 4 Number 4

October - December ISSN 1614-7138

Washing with the Sun: Results of a Field Test for the Use of Locally Generated Renewable Electricity and Load Shifting in Households
Nicolai Herrmann, Sebastian Gölz and Britta Buchholz
vol4no401.pdf [37 KB]

Optimum Control Strategy of a mCHP Unit
M. Chaudry, J. Ekanayake, N. Jenkins
vol4no402.pdf [36 KB]

Microgrids and Heterogeneous Power Quality and Reliability
C. Marnay
vol4no403.pdf [83 KB]

A Review on Aggregation Approaches of Controllable Distributed Energy Units in Electrical Power Systems
M. Braun, P. Strauss
vol4no404.pdf [70 KB]

A 2020 Perspective on Renewables in California
D. Yen-Nakafuji, K. Porter, R. Davis, R. Piwko
vol4no405.pdf [94 KB]