Volume 4 Number 2

April - June ISSN 1614-7138

The Dilution and Diffusion of Utilities' Rights to the Power Grid and Opportunities for California Distributed Generation Integration
Sopitsuda Tongsopit
vol4no201.pdf [176 KB]

A Generalized Approach for the Automatic Recognition of Power Quality Disturbances
A. Abdelmageid , A. Elmitwally, S. Fathy
vol4no202.pdf [178 KB]

New Concept for Power Quality Management in Microgrid with Energy Storage Based Power Quality Compensator
H. Laaksonen, K. Kauhaniemi
vol4no203.pdf [178 KB]

Voltage Control in MicroGrids
B. Awad, A. Shafiu, N. Jenkins
vol4no204.pdf [59 KB]

Characterizing Power Quality Disturbances via Wavelet-Neural Scheme
A. Elmitwally, A. Abdelmageid, S. Fathy
vol4no205.pdf [60 KB]