Volume 4 Number 1

January - March ISSN 1614-7138

Removing Policy, Commercial and Regulatory Barriers Currently Re-stricting the Use of Distributed Generation in Europe
R. Knight, J. Klimstra, G. Prata Dias, J. Montez et. al.
vol4no101.pdf [190 KB]

EU-DEEP Integrated Project - Technical Implications of the "Hosting Capacity" of the System for DER
J Deuse, S. Grenard, M.H.J. Bollen
vol4no102.pdf [210 KB]

Planning Highly Distributed Power Systems: Effective Techniques and Tools
A. D. Alarcon-Rodriguez, R. A. F. Currie, G. W. Ault et. al.
vol4no103.pdf [216 KB]

PEM Fuel Cell Based Distributed Generation Modeling and Interfacing
Z. Bing, M. Shen, E. El-Saadany
vol4no104.pdf [284 KB]

Optimization of the Electric Feeder Systems Structures of Oil Pumping Plants in Algeria
M. Bouguerra, F. Laaouad, I. Habi, R. Azaizia
vol4no105.pdf [331 KB]