Volume 3 Number 4

October - December ISSN 1614-7138

Integrating Wind Energy into Public Power Supply Systems - German State of the Art
R. A. F. R. Mackensen, B. Lange, F. Schlögl
vol3no401.pdf [161 KB]

Prototype of Generic Server for Wind Power Plants Using IEC 61400-25 Standard
A. Kargard Olsen, B. Ösdil, B. Poulsen, K. O. Helgesen Pedersen
vol3no402.pdf [166 KB]

Active Management of Electrical Networks with a High Share of Distributed Generation
M. C. Thoma, T. Erge, R. Becker, A. Kröger-Vodde, C. Wittwer
vol3no403.pdf [162 KB]

Power Generation Integrated in Burners for Packaged Industrial / Commercial Boilers
R. C. Castaldini, A. Bining
vol3no404.pdf [154 KB]

Unified Control and Operation of a 20kVA Laboratory Microgrid In-corporating Flywheel Energy Storage
C. Jones, C. Fitzer, M. Barnes
vol3no405.pdf [162 KB]