Volume 3 Number 3

July - September ISSN 1614-7138

Active Power Flow Management to Facilitate Increased Connection of Renewable and Distributed Generation to Rural Distribution Networks
R. A. F. Currie, G. W. Ault, D. MacLeman, M. Smith, J. R. McDonald
vol3no301.pdf [168 KB]

Technological Control Capabilities of DER to Provide Future Ancillary Services
M. Braun
vol3no302.pdf [164 KB]

Integration of Photovoltaic Power Systems in High-Penetration Clusters for Distribution Networks and Mini-Grids
F. Katiraei, K. Mauch, L. Dignard-Bailey
vol3no303.pdf [171 KB]

Coordinated Protection, Control & Automation Schemes for Microgrids
R. M. Tumilty, I. M. Elders, G. M. Burt, J. R. McDonald
vol3no304.pdf [163 KB]

Regulatory Review and Barriers for the Electricity Supply System for Distributed Generation in the EU-15
S. Ropenus, K. Skytte
vol3no305.pdf [164 KB]