Volume 3 Number 2

April - June ISSN 1614-7138

The Introduction of Wind Powered Pumped Storage Systems in Isolated Power Systems with High Wind Potential
D. Katsaprakakis, D. Christakis, E. Voumvoulakis, A. Zervos, D. Papantonis, S. Voutsinas
vol3no201.pdf [168 KB]

Reactive Power Balance in a Distribution Network with Wind Farms and CHPS
T. Lund, J. Nielsen, P. Hylle, P. Soerensen, A. Nielsen, G. Soerensen
vol3no202.pdf [169 KB]

Power Management Strategy of a Hybrid Distributed Generation System
A. Hajizadeh, M. A. Golkar, A. Feliachi
vol3no203.pdf [163 KB]

Fault Response of Inverter Dominated Microgrids
M. Brucoli, T. C. Green
vol3no204.pdf [178 KB]