Volume 3 Number 1

January - March ISSN 1614-7138

Visions of Future Intelligent Power Grids: Synergies for Collaboration Between the European Union and the United States

D. Coll-Mayor, M. Paget, E. Lightner, M. Sánchez-Jimenez
vol3no101.pdf [148 KB]

Comparing Different Cost Allocation Policies for Large-Scale RES-E Grid Integration on Europe
H. Auer, C. Obersteiner, W. Prüggler
vol3no102.pdf [169 KB]

Impacts of Energy Storage in Distribution Grids with High Penetration of Photovoltaic Power
J. V. Paatero, P. D. Lund
vol3no103.pdf [165 KB]

Statistical Matrix Representation of Time-Varying Electrical Signals. Application to Wind Generator Currents
V. Ignatova, S. Bacha, P. Granjon, Z. Styczynski
vol3no104.pdf [160 KB]

Constant Grid Power Control of Wind Turbines with DFIG and Long Duration Storage Unit
A. Boyette, P. Poure, S. Saadate
vol3no105.pdf [166 KB]