Volume 2 Number 3

July - September ISSN 1614-7138

Modelling of Photovoltaic Plants Including Optional Tracking
J. Matics, A. Gutschek, G. Krost
vol2no301.pdf [157 KB]

Management of Microgrids in Market Environment
A.G. Tsikalakis, A.Dimeas, N. D. Hatziargyriou, J.A. Pecas Lopes, G.Kariniotakis, J.Oyarzabal
vol2no302.pdf [167 KB]

Agent Based Micro Grid Management System
J. Oyarzabal, J. Jimeno, J. Ruela, A. Engler, C. Hardt
vol2no303.pdf [162 KB]

Control Strategies for Microgrids Emergency Operation
J. A. Peças Lopes, C. L. Moreira, A. G. Madureira, F. O. Resende, X. Wu, N. Jayawarna, Y. Zhang, N. Jenkins, F. Kanellos, N. Hatziargyriou
vol2no304.pdf [173 KB]

Analysis of the Connection of a Microturbine to a Low Voltage Grid
A. Amorim, A. Lebre Cardoso, N. Melo, J. Oyarzabal
vol2no305.pdf [171 KB]

Investigation of Regulatory, Commercial, Economic and Environmental Issues in Microgrids
D. Pudjianto, G. Strbac
vol2no306.pdf [160 KB]