Volume 2 Number 1

January - March ISSN 1614-7138

General Procedure of Protection Planning for Installation of Distributed Generation in Distribution Network
K. Mäki, S. Repo, P. Järventausta
vol2no101.pdf [127 KB]

Case Study of Power Transformer No-load Current Harmonics by Measurement and Simulation
N. Yorukeren, B. Alboyaci
vol2no102.pdf [134 KB]

Distributed Generation in Electricity Markets, its Impact on Distribution System Operators, and the Role of Regulatory and Commercial Arrangements
M. Scheepers, M. Werven, J. Mutale, G. Strbac, D. Porter
vol2no103.pdf [127 KB]

Aspects of Large Scale RES/DG Integration in Existing Energy Supply Systems - Considering as Example the Situation in Germany
R. Bitsch, G. Gjardy, T. Woldt
vol2no104.pdf [116 KB]