Volume 11 Number 3

July - September ISSN 1614-7138

Consumers Decision on Generation Adequacy
A. K. Basu

Interoperability Analysis of Electrical Networks with Electric Vehicle Charging Devices and Distributed Energy Resources

R. Stanev, M. Georgiev, A. Krusteva

An EV Management System Exploiting the Charging Elasticity of EV Users
I. Karakitsios, E. Karfopoulos. N. Hatziargyriou

ISO/IEC 15118 HW/SW Implementation and the Way it is Integrated in the E-Mobility System
J. A. López, E. Zabala, R. Rodriguez, A. Ascarza

Structured Optimization for Parameter Selection of Frequency-Watt Grid Support Functions for Wide-Area Damping
J. Neely, J. Johnson, R. Byrne, R.T. Elliott