Volume 11 Number 2

April - June ISSN 1614-7138

Study of Optimal Placement of Energy Storage Units within a Deregulated Power System
K.R. Vadivelu, G.V. Marutheswar
vol11no201.pdf [89 KB]

Integration of DG and Capacitor in Power Distribution Systems
S. Kansal, V. Kumar, B. Tyagi
vol11no202.pdf [88 KB]

German Grid Code Aspects Discussion: Low Voltage Ride-Through of Converter Based Decentralized Generation
T. M. Sobhy, N. G. A. Hemdan, M. M. Hamada, M. A. A. Wahab
vol11no203.pdf [91 KB]

Spectral Grid Impedance and Electromagnetic Interferences in the 2 to 150KHZ Frequency Range
D. Roggo
vol11no204.pdf [93 KB]

Integration of Electric Vehicles into Smart Grids with Optimal Decentralized Charging Control
S. Deleersnyder, Z. Yan, H. Xin, M. Jaskulke
vol11no205.pdf [95 KB]