Volume 11 Number 1

January - March ISSN 1614-7138

A Hybrid Approach for State Estimation in Electrical Distribution Sytem Integrated with RESs
Likith Kumar. M.V., Maruthi Prasanna, H.A.T. Ananthapadmanabha
vol11no101.pdf [94 KB]

Home Energy Management System Solutions for the European Grid
Ph. Strauss, D. Nestle, J. Ringelstein, S. Engel
vol11no102.pdf [88 KB]

Optimal Scheduling of Generation Involving Time of Use and Emergency Demand Response Programs
M. Seif, P. Nazarian, S. Jalilzadeh
vol11no103.pdf [89 KB]

Structured Optimization for Parameter Selection of Frequency-Watt Grid Support Functions for Wide-Area Damping
J. Neely, J. Johnson, R. Byrne, R. T. Elliott
vol11no104.pdf [90 KB]