Volume 10 Number 4

October - December ISSN 1614-7138

Key Performance Indicators Modeling for Microgrid Design and Operation Evaluation
H. A. Gabbar, M. Xiaoli, A. A. Abdelsalam, N. Honarmand
vol10no41.pdf [89 KB]

Matrix Converter Design for DFIG Based Wind Energy Conversion System
P. Ranga Reddy G., M. Vijaya Kumar
vol10no402.pdf [54 KB]

A Flexible Facts Based Scheme for Smart Grid-PV-Battery Storage Systems
A. M. Sharaf, F. H. Gandoman
vol10no403.pdf [84 KB]

Potential Financial Benefits for a Data Centre Participating in the Australian National Electricity Market
C. Perfumo
vol10no404.pdf [11 KB]

Dynamic Modeling and Performance Study of DC Microgrid in Grid Connected and Isolated Mode of Operation with Maximum Power Extraction Capability

Jayalakshmi N.S., D. N. Gaonkar
vol10no405.pdf [54 KB]