Volume 10 Number 2

April - June ISSN 1614-7138

A Prefeasibility Study on Ocean Wave Power Generation for the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka: Electrical Feasibility
H.W.K.M. Amarasekara, P.A.G.S. Abeynayake, M.A.R.M. Fernando, A. Atputharajah, D.M.A.R. Uyanwaththa, S.D.G.S.P. Gunawardane, L. Gerdin, M.R. Keijser, M.W. Fahraeus, I.M.K. Fernando, V. Cooray
vol10no201.pdf [11 KB]

Fault Locating in Large Distribution Systems by Energy Inspecting around the Path Characteristic Frequencies Using Combined Wavelets and Neural Networks
B. Khorramdel, H. Marzooghi, H. Samet, M. Pourahmadi-Nakhli, M. Raoofat
vol10no202.pdf [12 KB]

Modeling and Performance Analysis of Grid Integrated Hybrid Wind and PV Based DG System with MPPT Controllers
N.S. Jayalakshmi, D.N. Gaonkar
vol10no203.pdf [53 KB]

Assessment of Distributed Generation Reliability Impact Considering Protection Mis-Coordination, and Weather Variation
S. Farghal, A. Elmitwally, M. Yones
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