Volume 1 Number 4

October - December ISSN 1614-7138

Dynamic Equivalents of Distribution Feeders with Dispersed Wind Turbines for Fault Current Estimation
F. Kanellos, N. Hatziargyriou
vol1no401.pdf [125 KB]

Electrical Stability of Large Scale Integration of Micro Generation Into Low Voltage Grids
X. Wu, Y. Zhang, A. Arulampalam, N. Jenkins
vol1no402.pdf [130 KB]

Integral Resource Optimization Networks and their Techno-economic Constraints
M. Stadler, P. Palensky, B. Lorenz, M. Weihs, C. Roesener
vol1no403.pdf [145 KB]

Development, Verification and Application of a Battery Inverter Model for the Network Analysis Tool Powerfactory
M. Braun, T. Degner
vol1no404.pdf [144 KB]